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Running to the next stage “Vive, Vive Healthy Sport and Nutrition”

Running to the next stage  

“Our dream, our journey, our work for 2018”

After having crossed through many stages of life with lots of ups and downs, going from one place to another, knocking on many doors – some of which opened and some did not – I realized that understanding the social and professional customs  in the United States was the key to making my dreams come true.  I came to Chicago with $5 in my pocket and I had to decide: am I staying here or am I going back to Monterrey. I adapted to change and I have lived here for almost 12 years now, working in the food industry while acquiring an MBA classes from Robert Morris University. I was able to study there through a scholarship I received from my employer – a company I worked for more than six years. During my time in Chicago, I have also continued participating in what I love most: running ultramarathon races. Above all, I love living life as it is. My daily mantra before heading out to work each day is: "God give me health, strength and wisdom."

I am convinced that taking risks and the desire to move forward has pushed me to continue facing any adversity that comes my way. In 2016, once I finished crossing the four fiercest deserts on the planet through Racing the Planet’s 4 Deserts Ultramarathon Race Series, I understood that the human capacity is infinitely wonderful and it is the most perfect instrument to achieve any dream. More than anything, it is the method through which to reach fullness and happy living. The 4 Deserts consist of crossing 250k of rugged terrain in each of the following: the Atacama Desert in Chile, the Gobi Desert in China, the Namib Desert in Africa and cold, icy Antarctica.  

In February of 2017, while being recognized as one of Negocios Now’s “40 under 40,” I told my husband: “I'm ready, we’re ready. Let's go for the next big journey!” This time it was not an ultra-distance race, but something more wonderful and electrifying – something that moves me every day: the creation of a space for our community where we can share our experiences and knowledge while also helping and serving the community so people lead healthy lives through physical activity and healthy lifestyle education. Thus we created "Vive Healthy Sport and Nutrition.”

Currently I can see that our society is looking for places where people can participate in community, where they can socialize and be recognized and accepted while being healthy and happy. I am convinced that ViveHealthy Sport and Nutrition is the place that Pilsen is looking for to meet those communal needs while also developing a culture of well-being.

 Vive Healthy Sport and Nutrition

I have always believed that I am a blessed woman, first because I am alive and healthy, but even more so because I have my husband, JeffLung – a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, ultramarathon runner and boxer and who developed his first business, Iron Lung Fitness, a service of personalized training programs in Chicago that has been successfully running for 5 years now. He also had vision and the desire to educate others on healthy living. So together we put forth our dream to create this space for our community.

And you, What would you do for Love?

Our foundation

Vive Healthy Sport and Nutrition was founded in earnest in June of 2017. That is when Jeff and I began putting all our efforts into this project.

Vive Healthy Sport and Nutrition is located at 965 W. 18th Street in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois.

My husband, Jeff, is an expert in the fitness service industry, so we have designed classes based on his knowledge and the design of the nutrition workshops are based on my experiences in the food industry.

In addition to work, I am also taking a humanities course on Monday and Thursday evenings as I am sure the information I learn will help me moving forward. Besides that, I am also working on developing a new project that will launch in the summer of 2018 based on my own personal story. Through it all I continue training for my new goals on 2018 in the ultra marathon discipline.

Once we move into the Vive Healthy building I will begin to adjust my activities accordingly to our new schedule.

The inspiration for Vive Healthy Sport and Nutrition

In the short term, we wish to establish Vive Healthy Sport and Nutrition as a place where we provide value to our customers through innovation, integration and inspiration towards a healthy lifestyle. Our main goal is to offer our clients the right instruments and tools to help them achieve their personal goals and also to form a healthy and strong community based on sports and nutrition.

Vive Healthy Sport and Nutrition is a business model that is designed to establish an operation that leads the consumer to have a healthy life. This ideology pushes me to perhaps someday execute a franchise strategy, where each neighborhood can have the experience of living healthy alongside a recreational and educational space that includes healthy lifestyle workshops.

Currently, the fitness and wellness industry is in a process of development and growth because we all want to feel good. We all want to be healthy. We want to socialize in spaces where everyone is focused on like minded activities. 

My Love for racing long distances is an inspiration for Vive Healthy Sport and Nutrition

Yes, ultrarunning has been a great metaphor for life giving me the ability to meditate and tackle my dreams with optimism despite any hardships that may be around me. I believe that business and ultras are both very hard and challenging and both require a lot of concentration. I am convinced that ultras and business both require taking risks, perseverance, strength, endurance, hard work, concentration, dedication, faith, hope and the audacity to move forward, one step at a time. Running for more than 24 hours or crossing 250k worth of desert pushes you to all your limits. Being successful in something that difficult makes me think optimistically about what we can do with our business.

 Edna Jackeline Vazquez

Come and enjoy this journey with us at 
Vive Healthy Sport and Nutrition in Pilsen Chicago, IL starting January 29, 2018!

 Vive Healthy Sport and Nutrition

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